The Tiny Home Movement

Tiny Home Movement

You may be aware of the “tiny home” movement. It’s the movement that promotes sustainable and affordable home by optimising storage and living space to create homes with a small footprint. The movement has encompassed more than just homes, with offices, guest houses and cabins also borrowing ideas from the movement.

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Prefabrication is the Future of Construction

The construction industry is constantly evolving, new technologies herald improved way of doing things whilst new regulations ensure the highest qualities are maintained with increasing attention paid to the environmental impact of construction. However, in a time when there is so much change, two new technologies are poised to reshape the physical aspect of construction.

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Prefabricated Modular Building Uses

Prefabricated modular buildings are often deemed to have a bit of a bad image. Those who will have experienced prefab units in the past will remember those rickety old building of yesteryear, where many a rainy afternoon’s math lesson took place. For most, the experience of using a prefab unit and the environment it offered was a substandard one. Continue reading

How Modular Buildings are helping to meet the demands of the Healthcare Industry


The healthcare industry is continuing to grow, restricted budgets mean that meeting its demands can be increasingly difficult. People’s life spans are increasing, meaning we are caring for our elders for longer than ever before. With the Healthcare Industry being so demanding, having building facilities that match the needs of your organisation is vital.

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Installation at Greenwich University

Perspective View

As part of the Greenwich University’s sports strategy and development at the Avery Hill campus, the leadership wanted to provide an appropriate sports changing facility suitable for a variety of sports played at the university. They also had a requirement to include a medical area, an accessible shower facility and space to store the essential sports equipment.

Collectively, we worked with the university to design a building that matched their expectation and aspiration by way of fit out and external look. The result was a 9 bay modular changing pavilion which would include a single unit to house the medical room and an accessible shower.

An integral part of this project was liaising with the ground workers, project team and pitch provider to ensure a smooth installation and the project was delivered within budget and time frames.

The ground workers lowered the foundations so that the building could sit relatively flush with the tarmac which was laid thereafter to be more aesthetically pleasing and accessible. The overall works from delivery to point of handover was within 2 weeks.

Quote from Chris Andrew, Client Lead, Greenwich University

“A rigorous process of detailed design led to the commissioning of the changing facility as an integral part of this sports pitch development.  The facility proved to be of a high standard and there have been no quality issues since installation which was logistically managed to precision.  On behalf of the leadership and students I would like to thank all parties that worked collaboratively together to get to what is a very attractive platform for future student health and wellbeing.  The University is quite rightly, very proud of this initiative and I personally enjoyed the journey that we all made together”