Decontamination Unit

PMBUK offer a full range of prefabricated buildings that are suitable for all construction sites. These vary from site offices to restrooms and even accommodation. Whatever is needed on site, PMBUK can design, build and deliver a solution that suits your requirement.

All of our prefabricated buildings are built to specification, from the ground up, and are bespoke to each client. We take pride in going the extra mile to ensure our solutions are going to be fit for purpose.

Alongside our range of prefabricated construction buildings, we can also provide decontamination units (DCU). Currently not commonplace on most construction sites, these decon units provide separate area’s for workers and staff members to enter from site dirty, wash and then change into clean clothing coming out the other end.

DCU Benefits

There are many benefits to having a decontamination unit on site. First of all, dirt is kept to a minimum around site entrances, as workers arrive and leave clean. Any muck or dirt from on-site is maintained in the first area of the decon unit. Uniforms and overalls can be left ready to be cleaned or to be worn again when the employee returns. This area can be furnished with lockers and changing rooms if required.

One of the most important issues solved here by using the DCU, is the transfer of hazardous material or substances. By going through the staged process anything that may have been picked up or uniform or workwear will be contained on the site. All PMBUK units are fully HSE compliant and are available in a configuration to suit most sites.

Further benefits include staff well-being with an increased feeling of morale and pride. It also does wonders for your company image as your workers are seen leaving the site, clean and tidy. You will see these units becoming more popular across the construction industry as employers look towards the benefits of employee welfare.

Decontamination Unit Plan
Decontamination Unit Plan

Decontamination Unit Design

This design demonstrates a DCU featuring separate Clean and Dirty changing rooms. The changing rooms are designed to accommodate up to 60 lockers in each area. In this example space is designated to accommodate a dirty laundry container.

PMBUK are able to design and manufacture prefabricated buildings to precisely suit the needs of their client. Just enter brief details in the Contact Form and we will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail in order to prepare something for your consideration.

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