Longevity of Life Statement

Containex Steel Cabin Structures

The life span of the load-bearing components of CONTAINEX buildings can be up to 50 years, provided that corresponding service is undertaken, and depending on the environmental conditions (defined by corrosion classes) to which the modules are exposed during their service life.

An annual inspection and regular servicing of the CONTAINEX buildings are essential and preventive measures which have to be undertaken in order to maintain the functionality and immaculate appearance. We recommend that the owner, or another authorized person, checks the general condition of the buildings at least once a year. Potential issues with the paint (e.g. formation of blisters, peeling paint etc.) and the development of corrosion can only be avoided with frequent checks.

In case of damage to the corrosion protection layer (primer) the damaged layers have to be removed mechanically or chemically.

In order to be repaired, the surface must be free of dust, fat and moisture. After this has been ensured, the damaged components have to be repainted.

In addition, the manufacturer’s instructions regarding handling, storage, installation, assembly, maintenance, repair and use have to be adhered to.

The max. life span stated is not to be interpreted as a warranty, but serves solely as a guide.