Modular Healthcare Buildings

With the current strain on our health service, crumbling hospital wards and a severe lack of beds, modular buildings could be the lifeline our caregivers need.

Here at PMBUK, we design, build and install prefabricated modular buildings. Our buildings are completely bespoke, each manufactured to our client’s exacting specifications.

With space in hospitals at a premium, our units are an ideal solution to help take some of the pressure off these ageing buildings, and ultimately, the staff that run them.

Unlock the potential of outside space on hospital grounds. Our modular buildings are manufactured off-site, then delivered and installed, in some cases, ready to use the same day. They are an ideal solution to create waiting rooms, consultation centres and even surgeries.

Prefabricated Healthcare Buildings

The modular nature of the buildings means that capacity or purpose and grow & change to meet new demands. At the PMBUK consultation phase, every element of the build is considered, our team draw on their 60 years combined experience to design the best solution for the requirement. Every building we manufacturer is bespoke, therefore creating structures that are fit for purpose and robust enough to meet demand is what we deliver.

Our buildings are not only suitable for hospitals. They also provide perfect environments for doctors surgeries, healthcare centres and local medical services. We can furnish our prefabricated buildings as waiting rooms, restrooms or even treatment centres. Where there is a need, PMBUK can help build a solution.

The other benefit of utilising Modular Building is the planning laws surrounding them. Currently, there is no requirement for planning permission for any modular structure for up to 23 months. This means, relatively quickly you can expand your facilities on-site and once installed begin using the building. Should your requirement be for longer than the 23 months, there is the option to move the unit to a new location, reconfigure the units for a new use or apply for planning.

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