The healthcare industry is continuing to grow, restricted budgets mean that meeting its demands can be increasingly difficult. People’s life spans are increasing, meaning we are caring for our elders for longer than ever before. With the Healthcare Industry being so demanding, having building facilities that match the needs of your organisation is vital.

With so much to consider, making changes and improving infrastructure whilst adhering to healthcare regulations is a tricky process. Modular buildings can provide a solution to meeting the demands of the ever-expanding healthcare market.

Changes to Healthcare Industry

As people are living longer, there is enormous demand being put on the healthcare industry and its existing infrastructure. It is becoming much more difficult to cater for all those in need.

People are living longer and healthier lives, hospitals and the healthcare industry needs to ensure they are able to cater to their needs of the growing population.

As technological advances in medicine and healthcare equipment continue, the same is important for infrastructure. Modular buildings not only provide great opportunities through modern designs, suiting budgets and leaving a low carbon footprint.

Increasing Capacities

It is no secret that hospitals and healthcare buildings are being faced with reduced capacities. An ageing population means more to care for.  Some fundamental facilities that are unable to meet the demands are:

  • Hospital beds
  • Operating rooms
  • Waiting rooms

Patient numbers continue to rise, yet there is a limited amount of facilities available to treat them. This has led to overcrowding in hospitals and longer waiting times.

Adapting infrastructure in hospitals

Aging hospital wards and building are rapidly becoming unsuitable for use. They can no longer meet the demands of a booming healthcare industry or adhere to the high level of standards and regulations they are subject to.

A solution to improve use of existing healthcare sites would be to investing in modular buildings. Modular Building offer a wide range of options and can be used for pretty much anything. Whether its offices for admin staff, storage space for healthcare products or even temporary wards to extend capacity. Modular Building can be tailored to any requirement and can be configured to create any size building required.

Treating patients on time is a top priority and focus and to so you need the facilities available. As traditional construction can take time, adapting to the new approaches of modular construction can ensure you are not limited to design and are able to create buildings that meet your requirements.

Modular Buildings

Core USP’s of Modular Buildings

Modular buildings allow for a cost effective, fast and offer a higher quality solution than traditional construction. Although they are not a new concept, the benefits have become much more aware in all industries. They have been used to build houses, schools, hospitals and They are effective in solving any budget concerns you may have as they are more affordable than traditional construction.

Modular buildings can provide you with:

Bespoke and flexible designs

A bespoke design can be created to suit your needs and specifications. If you require additional facilities, they can easily be added and be used for any future changes in your industry. This includes:

  • Admin and Clerical offices
  • En-suite rooms
  • Recovery ward

Controlled environment

With traditional construction there are many features that can impact delivery. In contrast, modular buildings provide a controlled environment that means work can be finished efficiently and quickly.

There is no delay because of weather as modular buildings can be built offsite, reducing any risk of weather impact.

Another advantage of having a controlled environment is that all inspections can be completed prior delivering the modular building onsite. This ensures that all healthcare and safety regulations are met. This not only brings you peace of mind of abiding with all regulations but benefits you in terms of saving time.

Cost and time efficiency

Modular buildings are a cost and time-efficient alternative to traditional infrastructure. One advantage is the flexibility the provide to suit your industries specifications. Modular buildings additionally reduce cost as:

  • Modular buildings can be made off site to reduce distraction to staff
  • Reduction in labour costs
  • Less time to build as interruptions are minimal

Nurses Station

How Modular buildings can be used:

  1. Ward Units
  2. Health Centres
  3. GP & Dental Surgeries
  4. Treatment Rooms

Making the transition to modular buildings from traditional construction, can reduce indirect costs and increase efficiency in providing you with a building for when you require.

As every unique detail is considered, it means that buildings can be suited to cater to your need. Modular buildings provide healthcare industries with the ability to expand when they require and include every facility to cater to patients.

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