Whatever your reasons, building a new office takes labour, capital, and land. Not to mention the time it takes to plan, design, and construct the building. Yes, it will serve you well in the long-run, but there are many instances where a prefabricated relocatable temporary building is a more sensible choice.

Ongoing Use

You may temporally need more space due to new members joining the team, new jobs, moving offices, or while another office is under construction. With modular prefab offices, you don’t have to worry about ongoing use. Easily constructed, your prefab office can be taken down or relocated in a matter of days.

On-site construction jobs are a perfect example of when a prefab office is preferred to a permanent building. Having an on-site construction office aids in smooth project roll-out by having admin on site and keeping the project focused. Building a prefab office can be done without adding any time to the site’s construction process, and can easily be taken down and dealt with before the end of the project.


Large-scale buildings with even larger financial implications may not be feasible at the time you need an office. Building a prefab office may be a more realistic option until you can allocate the right budget. Most prefab offices, certainly with PMBUK, can be sourced at a competitive price.


A growing business shouldn’t be hindered by the size of the office. New clients or new jobs may mean you need to hire new employees or bring specialists and consultants onto your team. Or, you may have a new worksite that would work more efficiently with an on-site office building.

Whatever the reason you’re in need of more space, prefab buildings are a great solution because they are flexible and quick to construct and disassemble. No need to consider time-consuming groundworks as prefab offices can stand on any surface.

Key Benefits to Building a Prefab Office

Quick Timescales

Prefab offices are perfect for urgent expansion requirements – as we’ve mentioned, the construction and disassemble for prefab offices can be done in a single day. That’s because they need no groundwork, no foundation, and no planning permits.


You may need an office quickly, but do you need it forever? Thanks to the quick turnaround of the construction process, with prefab offices you can make use of your office and deconstruct it as soon as you’re done. As we’ve already mentioned, you can also choose to rent rather than buy.


Following on from the previous point, you may choose to buy your prefab office with intentions of reusing it at another job site, somewhere else at your office, or maybe you need a travelling office. Whatever the reason, prefab offices can be relocated and used for years to come.

Multiple Uses

Need more warehouse space urgently? Or looking for a temporary training unit for a new site? Relocate your prefab office and use it for a completely different reason, over and over!


Prefab offices are not only a more realistic, flexible, and speedy option than permanent buildings, but they are almost always more cost-effective. You will save money on labour costs, construction cost, and upkeep.  

PMBUK have over 20 years’ experience in the construction of prefabricated office buildings. Our expertise and experience allow us to offer the very best in turn-key solutions. We listen to our clients to ensure that they receive a solution that is entirely fit for purpose.

We’re happy to consider any request of your business, so if there is something that is required or will vastly improve your use of the building, please give us a call on 01184 362445. Alternatively, you can complete our Enquiry Form listing your requirements in the message section.