The construction industry is constantly evolving, new technologies herald improved way of doing things whilst new regulations ensure the highest qualities are maintained with increasing attention paid to the environmental impact of construction. However, in a time when there is so much change, two new technologies are poised to reshape the physical aspect of construction.

Prefabricated Construction

Prefabricated Construction

This process lends from modern manufacturing best practices. The majority of construction is undertaken offsite in a factory, then shipped to site as required for assembly. The process has many appealing benefits and has been used to great success in residential and commercial structures.

3D Printing in Construction

3D Printing

This refers to the variety of techniques that are used to print structures. The 3D printing market is developing extremely fast and has adapted to using material as diverse as concrete, metal and resin to build entire structures. It has been successfully implemented in the construction of bridges and houses as well as building components.

Each construction method boasts incredible benefits over traditional construction. Cost & Time can drastically be reduced, alongside simpler planning and the ability to create structures with a lower impact on the environment through sustainable materials and building processes.

Prefabricated Construction is a building method that has already taken hold and one we at PMBUK live by. Our service offers our clients the ability to tailor their construction to their specific needs. Our building process offers fantastic flexibility in design and since construction is undertaken offsite, months of building work and upheaval for the client can be avoided. Assembly happens very quickly and depending on the size of the construction building can be ready for use in a matter of days.

With prefabricated construction being conducted within a factory, standards are kept very high with a great attention to detail. While traditional builds can be delayed by weather, with Prefabricated Construction this isn’t a worry and most projects are delivered on time and budget.

Prefabricated Success Story
Marriott invest in prefabricated Hotels

Last year, American Hotel chain, Marriot committed to building 50 new prefabricated hotels. Their biggest prefabricated project to date is the ¢86 million building in Hawthorne, CA. The hotels rooms were built offsite over a 4 month period, complete with fixtures, fittings and furnishings. When ready they were shipped to site, stacked and connected to utilities at a rate of 20 rooms each day.

If you have a project in the pipeline and are considering a prefabricated solution, talk to our experts at PMBUK who can advise on your best course of action.