Prefabricated modular buildings are often deemed to have a bit of a bad image. Those who will have experienced prefab units in the past will remember those rickety old building of yesteryear, where many a rainy afternoon’s math lesson took place. For most, the experience of using a prefab unit and the environment it offered was a substandard one.

However those days are no longer, and as technology, manufacturing and innovation has moved on so has the of sophistication of prefabricated buildings. We expect most of you reading this have recently been in a modular prefab unit, though are completely unaware.

Modern manufacturing processes allow an increasingly high level of detail and functionality, when it comes to designing and building a prefabricated solution. As manufacturers of prefabricated buildings we relish the opportunity to take any challenge head on and showcase the possibilities of this flexible, cost effective means of construction.

This article explores some of the projects we have completed that highlight the potential of a prefabricated approach. It looks at the core benefits and highly tailored specifications and level of detail that can be achieved.

Decontamination Unit

Decontamination Units

Decontamination Units provide a facility for those who work with hazardous materials or in unpleasant conditions on secure sites.

They are used on sites where it’s essential for staff well being and public safety that there is no transfer of materials from within the site.

These units feature custom sanitary facilities and changing areas. They boast a split design or secure dirty/clean areas to ensure contamination is prevented as staff leave site.

Sports Facilities

We have built solutions for sporting organisations through-out the UK. Common features include changing and washrooms with sanity facilities and showers.

Recent commissions have seen state of the art physio rooms and catering areas.

Modular Classroom


Today’s prefabricated modular classrooms feature state of the art technology to empower  teaching staff and ensure that students are given the best environment possible to promote effective learning.

With a clear focus on how the buildings will be used, our design team work alongside educationally bodies to provide classroom that are ergonomically suited to the intended pupils range.

A modular approach allows us to design classrooms that are highly flexible with multiple uses, catering to the demand of modern teaching methods. 

Core Benefits

It’s clear that a modular approach provides a fantastic launch pad to incorporate new ideas and bespoke functionality to your building solution. However the benefits don’t stop there.

Taking a prefabricated modular approach is…

  • Cost Effective
  • Economic
  • Fast
  • Flexible
  • Personal
  • A Great Investment

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