Sustainable Buildings

As cities grow higher and higher and building cranes scatter like birds throughout the skyline, it’s hard not to imagine how the environment is being affected by the expansion of our modern civilisation. Even if you haven’t been to a big city to see this, it’s impossible to ignore because of all the attention in the media.

The globe is developing a conscience about how we are affecting mother nature with our cars, buildings, houses, businesses, and factories shooting up everywhere – and it’s time for construction companies to do the same.

“The notion of the embodied carbon footprint of buildings has not received much attention in the past. Even now, it’s not a consideration within any of the major green building rating systems and is not a key goal in very many sustainable building projects. But if climate change is a concern, addressing the embodied carbon within building materials may be the most important issue a designer or builder can address.”
-Chris Magwood, Endeavour


Sustainable Buildings

To build a sustainable building, you have to go all the way back to the start and consider how your materials are being made. It is important to note that in the process of manufacturing these materials, GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions are always being released. However, those that use less intensive processing requirements have lower GHG emission – usually materials that use less heat or electricity to manufacture, such as wood.

A second thing to consider is those materials that are made out of plants. Thanks to mother nature and photosynthesis, plants naturally capture and trap CO2 – meaning that your building could potentially store CO2 if built with these materials, rather than releasing it back into the atmosphere when the plant dies or is burned.

Carbon Footprint

Our Carbon Footprint

Here at PMBUK, we have taken on the challenge to reduce our carbon footprint. Our prefabricated modular buildings can be designed to leave a minimal carbon footprint through sustainable building materials and an efficient construction process.

  • We use sustainably sourced wood for all of our prefabricated modular buildings, using FSC certified wood as an alternative to other high GHG emission materials such as concrete, reinforced steel, and iron.
  • Robust structures that provide longevity with faster construction times compared to that of traditional methods
  • A sustainable solution to that of a traditional building which guarantees less wastage on site providing a greener environment

Having constructed buildings across many industries we have the expertise to design an environmentally sustainable prefabricated modular building to your specifications, no matter the business. Healthcare, education, construction, or sport – we’ve got you, and mother nature, covered.

Contact us and let’s talk about how we can build your new environmentally friendly building, together.