Tiny Home Movement

You may be aware of the “tiny home” movement. It’s the movement that promotes sustainable and affordable home by optimising storage and living space to create homes with a small footprint. The movement has encompassed more than just homes, with offices, guest houses and cabins also borrowing ideas from the movement. There isn’t a specific size for a “tiny home” but most range between 100 and 500 sq. ft.

Building on this scale allows designers an opportunity to select material carefully and decide whether they are truly sustainable choices. Using higher quality, pioneering, environmentally friendly materials is more accessible at this size since cost is kept down due the size of application.

The “tiny home” movement aligns perfectly with our beliefs at PMBUK. As a company that designs and manufactures prefabricated modular buildings, we know the benefits and potential environmental ideals that are available when working on this scale.

Bespoke Prefabricated Construction

We offer a range of custom, prefabricated spaces to suit any requirement. Our buildings are bespoke to each client with key considerations taken to usage, cost and environmental impact. At PMBUK we design our buildings with the environmental aspect in mind opting for environmentally friendly, sustainable materials where possible and always recommending our client’s sustainable solutions for building features.

Our prefabricated modular buildings are constructed from sustainably sourced wood, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional building materials like masonry, steel and concrete. We use a range of responsibly sourced FSC certified wood in our constructions. This ensures fast, airtight construction.

Our buildings are highly engineered, using state of the art construction techniques. They offer a structurally sound solution that exceeds even the most stringent building regulations. A key benefit when working on a small scale is the space saving created by thinner walls, that do not compromise on structural integrity or insulation properties.

A prefabricated modular building from PMBUK can be designed to your exacting requirements. Our experienced designers and consultants can recommend the best solutions to make the most of your space. If creating a space that is environmentally friendly is a prime concern we have lots of sustainable options to reduce the environmental impact of your building.

Our buildings have been used in a wide range of industries, from healthcare to construction. The key benefits to prefabricated modular construction are impressive cost savings, significantly faster construction & installation and unlimited possibilities in regards to design & functionality.

So, why not reach out to us today to discuss your ideal construction.