Relocatable Classrooms

With growing class numbers and ageing school buildings there is a growing demand for modular prefabricated classrooms.

The number of secondary school children in England being taught in classes with 36 or more pupils has trebled in the last five years. Accompanied by a real-terms cut in school spending, education boards are starting to look at cost-effective ways to combat this issue.

Across the country, students are being taught in cramped, unsuitable conditions, not the ideal environment to encourage learning and motivate young minds.

Prefabricated Modular Classrooms, may hold the answer. As a semi-permanent solution, a modular building can be implemented to increase teaching capacity and improve learning conditions.

Prefabricated Modular Classrooms

Custom built to specification our modular classroom buildings create the perfect conditions to promote healthy learning and boost activity.

PMBUK offer the very best in relocatable classrooms. All our buildings are designed to customer requirement in our factory in Basingstoke. In order to meet our clients’ specific demands, we offer an initial consultation where we lend advice from over 20 years of experience building prefabricated buildings. We take great pride in each building that we construct with every build undergoing a rigorous testing process to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Our Modular Classrooms are produced in accordance with strict environmental and quality standards. The buildings are extremely robust and can be used throughout the year. PMBUK offer a range of cladding options to suit style and budget. Inside, rooms are well lit, boasting plenty of natural light through our a range of glazing options and styles.

Our modular buildings can also be configured with toilets and washing facilities. Alternatively, we can provide a designated sanitary building to accommodate toilets, washing facilities and changing rooms.

One of the attractions of Semi-Permanent Classrooms is that they do not require planning permission if they are to be used for fewer than 23 months. Ultimately, this provides a great benefit to schools, meaning that they can relatively quickly get a prefabricated solution in place and begin teaching in it to meet demand.

The other favourable benefit it that the units can be moved, with all the fixtures and fitting remaining in place. Therefore if there was the need to increase the number of buildings, move them to another location or simply reconfigure the layout of the buildings, this could be done with relative ease.

Our buildings are extremely flexible. Should the situation arise where they are no longer required, they can be easily transformed to meet other requirements. From changing rooms to clubhouses, the possibilities are endless. Combined with the modular nature and the ability to move the building a Prefabricated Classroom from PMBUK is a true long-term investment for and school or college.

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