Why Modular

Modular construction is used to describe prefabricated buildings that are used to form parts of buildings and rooms.  Modular construction can be delivered to the building site to avoid working in bad weather conditions, creating unwanted noise and inconvenience to businesses. As a result, it offers convenience and adaptability for most businesses.

In recent years, Modular construction has become increasingly popular due to the benefits it offers. For example, Modular construction offers many economies of scale due to the rapid installation and cost-effective, efficient solution it provides to companies.  Modular construction’s benefits include the opportunity to carry out projects in a low turn-around time, minimal disruption to companies, flexibility for future extension and easy adaptability with existing buildings.

Benefits in brief

Modular buildings to suit your company's needs

Companies are able to benefit from the appealing attributes of Modular construction such as the option to easily amend and remove prefabricated buildings if necessary. The additional high-specification quality of the building provides strong, long-lasting buildings that can be a sustainable solution to extend business space.

Each modular construction building can be created with your needs and specifications in mind. The flexibility in approach allows for buildings to be tailored to suit your company. Regardless of what you may require, there is sure to be a solution that will work for you.

Modular construction buildings can be used by schools, universities, businesses of all sizes, local authorities, hospitals and healthcare providers. In the future, building use can further extend to emergency buildings, classrooms, offices and construction.

What does the installation of Modular construction involve?

Modular construction primarily involves assembling complete buildings using individual factory-built modules. It is a quick, productive way to obtain buildings at a low cost to your company.

Next, these steel-framed modules are manufactured to exacting tolerances under controlled factory conditions, where construction is not impeded by poor weather or adverse site conditions. The modules are fully fitted with all electrics, plumbing, heating and internal finishes before they leave the factory.

Once completed, the modules are transported to site by road, and then craned into position. Modules are connected on site to create complete buildings, which can be of any size and have multiple storeys.


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